D23. Coconut smoothie 3.75

D24. Sour sop smoothie 3.75

D25. Durian smoothie 3.75

D26. Champagne grape smoothie 3.75

D27. Sweet melon smoothie 3.75

D28. Jackfruit smoothie 3.75

D29. Mango smoothie 3.75

D30. Avocado smoothie 3.75

D31. Strawberry smoothie 3.75

D32.  Pineapple smoothie 3.75

D33. Peach smoothie 3.75

D34. Passion smoothie 3.75

D35. Lychee smoothie 3.75

D36. Sunset Smoothie  3.99

Carrot, strawberry, banana, and milk shake

D37. Angel Kiss  3.99

Strawberry, coconut milk, and soda

D38. Pinapple Tango   3.99

Strawberry, pineapple, and milk shake

D39. Pinacoco  3.99

Pineapple, coconut, and milk shake

D40. Asian Lady  3.99

Lychee, coconut, and milk shake

D41. Sweet 16  3.99

Strawberry, banana, and milk shake

D42. Sunrise Smoothie  3.99

Orange, banana, milk shake

D43. Melon Medley  3.99

Sweet melon, orange, banana, and milk shake

D44. Honeymoon   3.99

Passion fruit, strawberry, banana, and milk shake

Boba Te

D101. Thai Tea 3.55

D102. Green Tea 3.55

D103. Taro 3.55

D104. Sesame 3.55

D105. Strawberry 3.55

D106. Mango 3.55

D107. Passion Fruit 3.55

 D108. Peach 3.55

D109. Pineapple 3.55

D1. Café Empire  4.55

Drip-pot coffee with condensed milk, coffeemate,

 whipped cream, boba, and waffer roll.

D2. Iced milk coffee with boba

D3. Drip pot Black Coffee  3.25

D4. Drip-pot coffee with condensed milk (hot or cold)

D5. Soft drink (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr.PP, 7 Up, Pepsi)

D6. Fresh lemonade 2.99

D7. Soda Lemonade  2.99

D8. Soy bean milk 2.99

D9. Salty plum drink 2.25

D10. Salty lemonade 2.25

D11. Coconut juice 3.99

D12. Jasmine Ice Tea 1.99

D13. Jasmine hot tea 1.99

D17. Combination bean pudding 3.99

A delicious combination of white beans, red beans, mung bean paste,red tapioca, green jelly in coconut milk, peanut. Served with crushed ice.

D18. White bean , red tapioca, and jelly in coconut milk.

Served with crushed ice. 3.99

D19. Red bean, red tapioca, and jelly in coconut milk.

Served with crushed ice. 3.99

D20. Tropical fruit cocktails 3.99

D21. A combination of mung bean paste, jelly,                     red and white tapioca, and coconut milk. 

Served with crushed ice. 3.99

D22. Longan and Jelly